Hunting Decor for House. Hunting Decorations. Natural Leather.

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  • An original gift for boss, hunter, fisherman, man, boys. Dimensions: 35.5 x 43.3 In.
  • Completely handmade. Takes about 2.5 weeks of manufacture.
  • This color painting, panno will delight the eyes of your guests.
  • A great element for interior decoration of houses, apartments, cottages. Wood + Leather.
  • We will carefully pack your order and send it expedited shipping. Approximate delivery time - 2 weeks.

Panel made of genuine leather. A beautiful decoration of the interior of a hunter and a collector. The Celts have a wild boar, a sacred animal with supernatural (prophetic and magical) abilities. He helps in the war, defends the warrior. The symbol of hospitality. He is associated with dogs and with magical powers, as well as with wood, a wheel, a crow and a human head. In Siberia, the boar personifies courage, perseverance, conquest, all military valor.


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