About Us

For the past ten years, Russian Bear LLC has manufactured and sold premium-quality, Russian-made, all-season camping tents to numerous countries around the world. During this time, our tents were tested and actively used in different climate conditions and proved their quality, reliability, and durability. Because we are committed to continually improving our product, we encourage feedback from our customers to implement improvements and add new features to our product.

US and Canadian customers can buy our tents online from our official US distributor, RBM Trading LLC, registered in Delaware. Delivery of items in stock is free of charge and normally 3-5 business days by UPS to any location in the US and 3-8 days to Canada. US and Canadian customers can also buy our product from Amazon.com. For the rest of the world shipping options vary by country. Please email us for shipping details.

If you are interested in bulk purchases for resale or would like to become our dealer or partner, please contact us at info@russian-bear.market